Fishing overgrown waters

Most dangerous animals in the world
About 3 million people every year are killed because of the bite of any subspecies of this parasite. Mosquitoes there are more than thousands species. The habitat extends to the…

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Egypt: the Underwater world of the red sea
On sea the exotic red sea is legendary. The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna he has no equal in the Northern hemisphere. Powerful tourist boom that…

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The most unusual predators

In a world where everything constantly hunt each other, fish are destined to become in the end the prey of larger animals. But sometimes she becomes the victim of a special kind of predation.

Sea lamprey have long had chosen that lifestyle that it seems repulsive, but for the lampreys he was extremely successful. Lineage of lampreys begins 400 million years ago, when the fish already has mobility and has developed a cartilaginous skeleton, but it was not jaws. So the lamprey has strengthened its suction Cup, it allows them to attach to other fish with the strength of the American lock hole in their body a gaping wound, and suck the blood. Americans have felt the efficiency of this apparatus, even in our days, when it was opened the Welland canal to bypass Niagara falls. The sea lamprey immediately took advantage of this by infiltrating the Great lakes, and so well used his ancient weapon against living in the lakes of fish that the person has only recently managed to stop this catastrophic destruction of local species. Continue reading

Gorgeous goldfish

The traditional name of a species of aquarium fish, resulting from a century of hybridization of copies of certain forms of natural mutations. Discovered by prudovodam in the 7th century. goldfish are specimens for decorative living and wild populations are not observed anywhere else. One of the first signs of pond “Golden fish” was a “gold carp”, derived from the General designation, Cyprinidae.

The history of breeding Golden favorites China lasts about 1000 years. this arose from a hobby, when housing was transferred, and then bred in corrals all sorts of small animals — in a way, Pets.

In Korea at least one thousand years ago was fishing, and, in addition, the cultivation of gold Pets. During the selection of experienced fish farmers created natural variations with a characteristic body form of the limbs, and color of the epithelium of fish. obtained unimaginable variations, which was the Foundation of the myriad of found now pretty species. Continue reading

Sea bass braised

Palatability perch have a certain flair. This applies not only to the bass river, but also to the sea. Sea bass is a deep – sea predator and, as a rule, inhabits the Northern waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Unlike the more popular seafood sea perch are sold in frozen form. So they can be prepared independently, while maintaining the maximum amount of useful nutrients without the use of harmful preservatives.

Sea bass the most popular marine fish in traditional Japanese cuisine. And when you consider what place this nation devotes to health, you can draw the appropriate conclusions.

The content of vitamins and minerals

In this marine fish contains important vitamins A. b group, vitamin C and vitamin E. PP and others. Useful for human micro – and macronutrients in sufficient quantity included with sea bass. And, of course, fatty acids omega-3 acids are the main component of this product. Continue reading

Ponds Timiryazev Academy

We invite You to visit the area almost wild nature close to the centre of Moscow. You can enjoy the view of green grass, lush trees and nesting ducks. We will try to ensure You a pleasant stay in the ponds.

Getting to us from the metro station “Dmitrovskaya” or “Voykovskaya” on the tram ?27, and also from station “Timiryazevskaya” to the bus ?87, to the stop “University Printing”. The entrance to the green gate with the inscription “Fishing”.

By car, you can call in with Dmitrovskoe highway, turn on Krasnostudenchesky passage about hotel “Youth”, further to the right on Timiryazev street, which passes over the Timiryazev agricultural Academy Pryanishnikov street.

1. Monday-Sunday: 6.00-22.00 – 40 RUB/hour.

2. Fishing with the subsequent release of it in the pond (by agreement with the on-duty fish farmer) – 50 rubles/hour. Continue reading

Fishing overgrown waters

As said by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.

Some anglers think that catch a decent fish only at big pond and don’t pay enough attention to the small rivers and overgrown ponds. There is an opinion that to catch a fish in such a pool is impossible, except in frogs and leeches, but it turns out this view is fundamentally wrong, because to catch fish in such places. This will be discussed in this release, fishing with us video, namely, how is the fishing on the overgrown lake with the help of spinning.

It turns out that spinning in the overgrown rivers and canals polder can be quite interesting and profitable. The polder is a Dutch word meaning drained and cultivated low-lying stretch of coast. We, in Central Russia, a lot of irrigation canals (polders) that are associated with rivers or lakes. Here in these waters can be catching not only pike but also any other fish. Most importantly, what kind of reservoir are connected these channels, and what type of fish lives there. Continue reading

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